Cave Dwellings: 2017

July 4th , 2016

July 4th , 2016
Den and me

Sunday, July 23, 2017


It obviously doesn't take much to get my shorts in a dither...Our entire family (all kids and most grands) took a trip for a Destin, Florida last week. This has been planned since early Spring and was hatched one evening during a Christmas get together...The idea was our children' see if we could co-habitate in one big spot ( meaning a large house) for a solid week without police intervention.  I have to admit, some times it was close, but we managed to finish our week by the ocean without any major disasters..and we are all still speaking~! Here are some photos of the good times...
One of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen...

Crystal clear blue water and white sand beaches..

It was seriously like a living inside a water color work of art!!!
This was our 7 bedroom, 5 bath, 2 kitchen house 1 short block from the ocean. There were bedrooms on every floor, including the "tower room" on the 4th floor...Our granddaughter, Taylor, got that one!
...and we had a long skinny pool at our house too!

Now this is quite a bunch right here!!!!

Here are all of the kids! Obviously they had NO fun at all!!!!! We had to sweep sand out of the house every day at least twice!
Frank Lloyd Wright, eat your heart out...Now THIS was a working sand castle complete with a moat!!!
Of course, raw oysters were a must have...for some..
The "adult" table...We do clean up pretty good!!

Sophia and Landon loved boarding that surf!!!

Some went "Go Carting"!!!

Taylor had no fun at all..what a shame.

The night before we left, we all went to dinner then to the beach for some family photos as the sun was setting..
Kelly and Cindy Cave

Chris and John Wolff

Tim and Terrie Heiser 

Chris and John brought along what is called a Sky Lantern..It's much like a mini hot air balloon...You can hand light it and watch it fly..We did that our last evening on the beach...

....And finally it begins to fly!!!

This was so amazing to watch it disappear...It went really high!

I hear you are suppose to make a wish when it goes aloft...

Some of the "kids" couldn't contain their excitement!! 

The kitchen/great room with balcony on the second floor.

CHOW TIME!!Each couple cooked on night, and another did KP (clean up)..Yep, saved us a buck or two!!!This night was Chris and John's turn to cook and the made a wonderful Low Country Grill..shrimp, potatoes, sausage and sweet corn..YUMMOLICIOUS!!!!

 Tim Heiser was just asking to be dumped off that raft!!!

The "kid's" table at Happy Hour. 

Kelly and Cindy with 2 of their 6 grands, Sophia and Landon.

The Heiser clan

I know, I know...I'm not that great at "selfies"...and just look at me sweat!!!!
Our three rapscallion kiddos..

With 4 flights of steps to climb, we kept in shape..I wish they had thought to put in a slide on one of them...

 The Wolff family

The notorious Cave sisters...and no, they didn't plan on the same suit and hats...truly a coincidence. 

It all started in 1969, when I met Dennis and his fancy Chevelle...See what it got us?? 

Dennis and I ...OK, we normally don't look quite like this...

 Now THIS  is more like it!!!!

Thank you for tolerating my very long family blog. Obviously, we took sooooo many photos and made so many memories. This was probably a once in a lifetime trip and we are so very blessed to have such a crazy, fun group altogether in one place!!!! Cherish those moments!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My reputation as a sporadic irresponsible Blogger is now a fact.

Yep, that would be me..totally unreliable, unpredictable, off-the-wall, bit of a flake and slightly mentally unstable..I couldn't make a plan and stick to it if I tried these days...So, without further adieu, I will give you a run down of my mundane life lately..I say mundane, but in my crazy world, it has been pretty fun!
Our oldest grandchild and only granddaughter graduated from Kaneland High School with honors and will be attending Ball State University in Muncie Indiana this Fall on a Presidential Scholarship..(See how my head swells and my braggadocio goes out of control when I mention grandkids?)

We are so very proud of all of our grandkids!!
Taylor's baby brother, Campbell, had a choral concert. (The kids call him "Soupy", and he loves it!) These middle school kids are amazing singers too, and next year Campbell will be an 8th grader and one year from high school! Peyton graduates this  year, so it will be a few years of change at the Heiser house...

Campbell is a little guy with a big deep Baritone voice! I love when kids get involved in stuff, athletics, the Arts, ...anything to keep them busy and give them a sense of belonging.
As some of you might know, our son, Kelly, is a Lieutenant at the Oswego Fire Department...Well, he got a nice promotion to Captain!! Dennis retired from Sandwich Fire Dept. as a Captain, so this meant a lot to all of us...We attended the ceremony and Dennis got to pin Kelly's Captain badge on him...

  Of course, I was a wet mess, so these photos could have been better...

Proud Mom and Dad...Hmmm..Dennis' shoes look like he could glow in the dark, right?..I need to supervise his apparel more carefully...........

 ....Well....maybe not...

I am going to attempt to load a video of our granddaughter's Senior solo she dedicated to me at her Senior choral concert...I sure hope it loads..She sang "I Dream A Dream"  from Les Miserables for me. In the play, this was sung by the character, Fantine, who was left alone, and destitute. In this song, Fantine thinks of happier days and wonders how all went so wrong in her life....I totally cried...Turn up  your sound and enjoy...
Sooooo...not much else to report here...We are planning a family Cave-A-Palooza at Miramar Beach near Destin Florida for the week of July 8th -July15th...This should be interesting, to say the least!